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Why Bindi


BINDI treatments are used by staff - and demanded by celebrity clientele all over the U.S. 

The Herbal Approach

Botanical ingredients are often used for their gentle cleansing and pH-balancing properties, as well as the blissful hint of scent they send out. The key to BINDI's products are the all-herbal and all-natural ingredients especially targeted to your specific skin type. Because these ingredients are all-natural, they do not have any side effects and work naturally to balance your skin and heal it. It's therapy for the mind, body, and the soul. A holistic approach. That's why it is preferred by spas nationwide

Simple Approach - No Catch Words

BINDI products are specially manufactured by BINDI itself and we use none of the latest catchwords like "wrinkle reduction," "anti-aging," or fighting skin stress." Our skin care advice is simple: "Follow the functions of the body: elimination, nourishment, and moisturization"

All the catchwords are practically embedded in BINDI products, we don't need to state them outright. 


"For the past five years, we have developed a strong Ayurveda department using Pratima's formulations in Tara Spa Therapy's Bindi Herbal Body Treatment, Shirodhara, Bindi Shirodhara and Abhynga. our destination and spas are geared towords total wellness of body-mind-spirit. We find it important to provide body treatments which complement our wellness philosophy. Pratima's Ayurveda formulations for Tara Spa Therapy have proven to be a therapeutic match within our program for our guests and provide such wonderful food for their bodies and souls." 
- Diane Trieste Spa treatment Supervisor, Canyon Ranch