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PHYSICAL FRAME Thin, tall or short, small boned   Medium, well proportioned   Thick, stout, stocky, well developed, large boned
BODY WEIGHT Light, prominent joints, under developed muscles   Moderate, good muscles, athletic physique   Overweight, heavy
SKIN Dry, rough, cool, cracked, prominent veins, thin, fine pores   Soft, oily, warm, fair, sensitive, red, moles, skin eruptions, yellowish   Thick, oily, prone to acne, cool, pale 
HAIR  Dry, curly, firzzy, kinky, coarse   Fine, oily, baldness, early graying, reddish or blonde    Thick, shiny, oily, lustrous, wavy 
EYES  Small, dry, dark, few lashes   Medium, Sharp, penetrating, green, yellowish   Large, round, blue or brown, thick eyelashes
LIPS Thin, dry, Chapped   Soft, medium    Large, smooth, full
TEETH Can be crooked or protruded   Yellowish, sensitive gums   Strong, white, large, even
NAILS Brittle, ridged, cracked   Soft, flexible   Strong, thick
STRENGTH Low, poor endurance   Medium   Strong, good endurance
APPETITE Variable, erratic, small amounts frequently   Strong, unbearable at times, persistent   Slow but steady
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Very active   Moderate   Less active, can be lethargic
MIND Active, restless   Intelligent, sharp, focused;   Calm, slow



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