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Skin Type


Ayurveda heals by identifying your unique dosha (skin/body type). Each dosha combines in a special way the five elements of the universe (air, fire, water, earth, space). Vata (dry skin), Pitta (sensitive skin), Kapha (oily skin).

Knowing your body type is the key factor in selecting customized skin care, body care, hair care products that are right for you. Bindi has developed a simple questionnaire that will tell you your skin type and you will be on your way.


The Principles

Ayurveda is a science that takes care of your every realm - mental, physical and spiritual. What is good for one person isn't good always good for everyone. Men and women use the secret of ayurveda based on their individual mind and body type. Ayurvedic philosophy says that we are each born with some of the characteristics of all three types, but in different proportions.

We are "in balance" when we are healthy, happy, and radiantly beautiful, expressing the ration of Kapha, Pitta and Vata elements set in us at birth.

All Bindi products were developed to help you restore the balance of your mind, body and spirit.



Usually thin body frame with fine skin pores. Sometimes having a tendency toward dryness and early wrinkling. Skin can chap and crack if not moisturized. Hair is curly and voluminous, almost frizzy. Vata types can be more nervous, concerned, or cautious and need water and moisture.


Medium build, has medium sized pores and sensitive skin with some tendency toward blotches and pimples. Soft, fine and oily hair with early graying. Recognized for intensity and sharpness of energy as well as intellect and confident personality.


Skin tends to be thick, moist and acne prone. Generally has larger pores and doesn't form wrinkles until very old age. Heavy, big boned frame and full, vigorous hair. Tendency toward headaches and congestion. Recognized for relaxed, calm and stable energy.

If you are...

VATA: You have a dry skin and a restless nature. Balance with warming, grounding ingredients.

PITTA: You have sensitive skin and a passionate nature. Balance with cooling and soothing ingredients.

KAPHA: You have oily skin and a calm nature. Balance with light, stimulating ingredients.